Science Weekly teams up with the Chips with Everything podcast to examine the environmental price tag of our throwaway culture and explore how technology could help the clothing industry follow a more sustainable model. Graihagh Jackson and Jordan Erica Webber present

As the days get lighter, Britons are likely to discard about 680m dresses, trousers, T-shirts and the like during the annual spring clean of our wardrobes. But at what cost?

Fast fashion may be cheap but it’s costing the Earth, according to a recent government report. However, being a sustainable consumer is not easy. With the help of the Chips with Everything podcast, Science Weekly unravels the true cost of our throwaway culture and looks to tech for solutions. Graihagh Jackson speaks to Prof Tim Cooper from Notting Trent University about the issues surrounding taking your clothes to the charity shop and how some synthetic fibres are contributing to plastic pollution in our oceans. Jordan Erica Webber talks to Orsola de Castro of Fashion Revolution about apps that help map a company’s supply chain and manage your fashion footprint.

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