May’s deal, soft Brexit and a general election all possibilities in decisive week for Parliament

Will we finally find out how Brexit will happen this week?
Out of all the difficult weeks faced by Theresa May, this one looks to be the trickiest yet. She will most likely have another go at getting her meaningful vote through parliament on Tuesday, if the speaker allows it. If it fails, MPs will most likely attempt to force a softer Brexit with a customs union – potentially trying to make it enforceable through legislation as soon as Wednesday.

Is Theresa May’s deal dead?
It is almost dead but not quite. The prime minister is still hopeful that more Conservatives and even the DUP could be induced to back it for fear of the alternative – a general election at a time when polls show Jeremy Corbyn is within grasp of Downing Street. There will be a huge effort by No 10 to pitch the vote as one between May’s deal and a softer Brexit or potentially a general election. However, she needs at
least 30 Conservative, DUP or Labour MPs to come on board to avoid plunging the government into an unprecedented paralysis.

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