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The last sitting week before the winter break begins with a former deputy prime minister crying poor. All the day’s events, live

And yes, it is great that politicians (Labor party included) are slowly coming around to the fact that Newstart needs to be increased. But I have a pretty big problem with people who only realise something is a problem when they have their version of a direct experience with it.

Barnaby Joyce saying he gets it because he is doing it tough on a great wage like $200,000 is one thing. But that is a figure most of us can only dream of receiving. His life has been one of privilege and his circumstances one of choice. Advocate to raise Newstart. It’s beyond time. It has been more than 20 years since its last real increase and no one can live on $270 a week in this society.


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And for a comparison, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age did an excellent interactive on what your profession’s median wage is not so long ago.

You can also see the Australian Bureau of Statistics report on median earnings here.

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