These days, making money on the side has never been easier, but, despite all the freelance websites out there, we have still got to find a way to carve out our niche.  As such, we’ve got to find the right approach to doing business.

Instagram is one of those websites that can be seen as a snazzy version of Facebook. And if you’ve been attempting to sell items on Facebook, but have come to no avail, you might want to progress to Instagram, not just because people might buy your stuff, but there are plenty of business ideas that you can set up, and present through this website.

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Instagram Influencer

As being an influencer is most definitely a great way to earn a lot of money, it can’t be done overnight. Becoming an influencer is all about building up an audience, and making sure it’s in a specific niche.

There are plenty of ways to do it, you could work with brands to share particular content relating to their products or services, and they pay you. Or if you want to do it via a grassroots approach, you may want to build up a name for yourself and then get in contact with other Instagram influencers.

So if you aren’t used to sending Instagram messages on Mac or your PC, it might be time to start sending out letters to the people you admire. They may give you some advice, or they may even give you a bit more!


Reviewing Products

Much like being an influencer, you’ve got to build up a crowd of followers. From there, you can offer to share the views of specific products, either via posts or videos.

Being a product reviewer is something that you can do on the side, but it is about getting that number of followers to go up. As well as this, you could work with other brands, and they can send you free samples to review.

While it’s not necessarily being paid in money, it’s one of the vital stepping stones.


Are You Skilled With Your Camera?

Because Instagram is very photo-oriented, it’s a perfect way for you to show your skills behind the camera. If you want to build a business in taking pictures, either of weddings or special events, or even those professionals looking to spruce up their Instagram stories, if you have a background in photography and you want to take it to the next level, Instagram is one of the great platforms these days.

But there are so many other ways in; you could be a product photographer for e-commerce businesses, take stock photos, or take portrait pictures. Instagram is a perfect portfolio if you use it right.



You could post tutorials or DIY projects for your followers to learn new things, and whatever your skills, you can use Instagram as your mouthpiece.

It’s a perfect way to, again, build up followers, and if there’s a demand for a specific thing you do, for example, if you take pictures of your meals, and people love them, do you think you could start charging for them?

Instagram is an incredible marketplace now, and if you want to build up a bit of extra money on the side, you should try it.

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