One of the exciting things about the digital revolution is that anybody can get involved, and start making money (or at least start building their future).

Because it’s so new, there isn’t a long history of knowledge that you need to have in order to succeed; the basics can be learned pretty quickly. And it’s especially possible if you’re under the age of 25, and grew up with technology by your side.

You already have an intuitive feel for tech, which means you’ll find it easier to develop software than older generations. Plus, you can do it in your bedroom!

So if you’re interested in — or thinking about — developing a piece of software, then read on below, where we outline some useful tips that’ll make it appealing to other people. 

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Fixing a Problem

Let’s be real for a moment: there’s no shortage of software out there. Whether it’s an app for your phone or for a laptop, there’s an abundance of things you can download and install.

So, this should make it pretty clear that people aren’t going to download your software unless it offers them something that they need. There are no instances of charity when it comes to this type of thing!

How can you make sure it’s something that they’ll want to install? By making it indispensable. And you can do that by having it fix a problem. It doesn’t matter what that problem is, really — it could be one related to boredom (in which case, a fun game would suffice), organization, studying, daily tasks, or anything else.

There’s got to be a good reason why they would download!


Easy to Use

There are some people who are plat-out geniuses when it comes to developing software, yet no-one’s interested in downloading their offerings, because they’re too complicated.

You, the developer, will have an in-depth knowledge of how everything works, what every feature does, all the little hints and tricks that make your software incredibly advanced. But the person who downloads the software won’t know this.

As such, unless you’re developing something specifically for a limited number of people, you’ll want to ensure that the functionality is easy to understand and use. 


An Eye on Design

Like with most things in life, you shouldn’t only concern yourself with the functionality of your software. The end goal is the most important thing, but it’s not the only important thing!

People also want and expect it to look good. It’s like a pair of shoes. People buy pairs fundamentally because they need something to cover their feet. But they also want them to look fashionable.

So, when you’re working on your software, keep an eye on the design and look of the software. 


Free of Errors

A piece of software could aim to fix the world’s biggest problem, and look great, too, but if it doesn’t work, then it won’t be worth all that much.

As such, it’s in your interest to rigorously test the software, to ensure that everything works as it’s supposed to work. This sentiment applies to the development of your app (it should be perfect when it’s launched), but also when you try to improve it.

At those times, you’ll want to implement a regression testing strategy, to ensure that the product really is being improved. You only need to look at the reviews of some once-popular apps to see the damage that updating the app can do. If you don’t get it right, then people will look to other pieces of software to replace the use of yours. 


Shady Practices

People are, understandably, skeptical when it comes to software these days. There have been many instances where a person has downloaded something that they thought was safe, but it turns out contained a virus.

Today, it’s much more difficult to do this since quality checks when downloading are so robust. However, there are other things that can put people off. A piece of software could work exactly as intended, yet if there’s something shady under the hood (such as capturing data/accessing non-relevant areas), then people will naturally be wary.

Word about these things doesn’t always get out straight away, but if and when it does, people always uninstall the software. 

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Trialed By Friends

Nobody ever gets things just right at the first time of asking. If you think you have, it’s false thinking!

You will always need a second, third, and fourth pair of eyes to look things over. You’ve been working closely on the software, and that means that you’ll no longer be seeing things clearly. There could be obvious areas/unclear parts that you just wouldn’t see.

So, here’s where your friends and family come in. Have them use the software before releasing it to the public; they might just tell you of some fundamental errors.


The Price is Right

You’ll have worked hard on your software, and it’s only understandable that you get paid for your efforts.

However, the pricing point will have a big influence on whether people download it or not, so you’ll want to take some time to get it right.

Take a look at similar quality apps, and ask the opinion of your friends and family as to how much they would pay for it. 


Ask for Feedback

No matter how good and useful your software is, the initial take up will be slow. It’s not going to be an overnight success, with thousands of people downloading the software. But this is a good thing, because it’ll give you a chance to collect some feedback from the people who are actively using the software.

Once you have the feedback, you can look at making some changes before more have their hands on it. 


Moving Forward

Finally, the last way to make your software appealing is to regularly update it with new features, new designs, and so on..

Software that is actively managed and improved will always be more appealing than software that was launched once and then forgotten about. 


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