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To make sense of any court hearing, you need to have the relevant paperwork to hand. Here is a guide to the background information you need to make sense of today’s proceedings.

A good starting point is my colleague Owen Bowcott’s guide to the issues at stake.

was unlawful. See attached for the details of this legal and constitutional blockbuster


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A revived Stormont assembly could be part of the Brexit solution, the Northern Ireland secretary Julian Smith has said.

In Dublin where he met the deputy prime minister Simon Coveney and a delegation from Sinn Fein, he was asked if Stormont would have a say on regulatory alignment on both sides of the border if Brexit talks collapsed. He replied:

I think it would be very helpful if the assembly was back up and running. I think there are opportunities through the consent mechanisms from the Good Friday agreement and I think the assembly and executive up and running could be part of that.

I think you are now drawing me into an area which I am not responsible for. The Brexit negotiations are being led by the prime minister.

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