cPanel shared hosting plans are getting better and cheaper

Despite of the cPanel licensing fee cost that has changed the way of hosting company should offer hosting services to their customers, we believe that One Dollar Hosting would still able to offer one dollar hosting services for our customers who are accustomed to the easiness and comfortability of cPanel in handling their websites.

After doing market analysis, people still depend on not only best and cheap prices but also easiness and comfortability of handling websites and online business.

In conclusion, we still offer One dollar hosting with cPanel for our customers worldwide.

Get one dollar hosting plan with cPanel and taste not only best and cheap but also easiness and comfortability in managing your own websites and online businesses.

We also offer free VPN and free CDN for our customers. Features that you need to deal with the fragility of the internet world.

Order now for $1 dollar hosting our cPanel hosting plans here

Wait. Still looking for 33 cents hosting plans? We also have hosting plans with CWP web panel that has similar features with cPanel. Order for 33 cents per month here

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