President tweeted Friday there was ‘nothing said wrong’ during his conversation with an unnamed foreign leader and called it ‘pitch perfect’

Top Democrats are calling for the government to release information on the whistleblower complaint regarding a Trump conversation with a foreign leader.

Adam Schiff, chair of the House intelligence committee, told reporters on Friday that he intended to get to the bottom of the complaint “come hell or high water”.

This involves something more sinister, something involving a serious or flagrant abuse or violation of law or misappropriation, and the IG underscored the seriousness of this, and also that this needs to be looked into. And right now, no one is looking into this.


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Donald Trump is now giving a press conference with Australian prime minister Scott Morrison.

Asked about the likelihood of a trade deal with China, Trump says it probably won’t be done before November 2020.

President Trump on China trade in the East Room: “We’re looking for a complete deal, I’m not looking for a partial deal.”
Can it get done before the election? “No, I don’t think I can get it before the election.”

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