UN summit: Trump says future belongs to patriots not globalists – live news

Trump addresses UN and says ‘the United States does not seek conflict with any nation … America’s goal is harmony’ – follow the latest live

Well, Trump’s speech was consistent in its content, but was a big departure from the energetic, rambling speeches he usually deploys. Instead, his delivery was slow and monotone.

No expert on Trump delivery style, but at UNGA he is reading a speech threatening evil regimes as per usual, but reading his words as though overdosed on mogadons. Somnambulant, sleepy, sleepy Don

It’s been said before when he sticks to the Teleprompter but it seems like this is the first time Trump has ever read/seen his own remarks. The reading of this speech is painful.

Trump is reading this speech like a sleep-deprived hostage.https://t.co/JQzpiiTr13

In fairness, Trump is about to nod off at the podium as well. He sounds like he took five Ambien and they’re really kicking in. https://t.co/8BQrcztNSz

I can’t stomach this. The guy suffers when he has to read from a teleprompter, not understanding what he’s saying.
(Or maybe just when he has to read, period). pic.twitter.com/0bDeWqFZKt

I’ve watched President Trump give an awful lot of speeches. I can’t remember one in which he has looked as bored as he does speaking at UNGA today.

And quiet flows the Don…on and on.


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Update: the Venezuela delegate reading through Donald Trump’s speech is apparently reading a book about Simón Bolívar.

Trump says “media and academic institutions” are assaulting history, traditions and values.

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