“Dread is the feeling, as I cycle to Notting hill from Peckham,” says Ollie “my dad is an antique dealer so he has to be at the market, as he was the morning Jonny dropped us to glory in ‘03. This WC he’s not missing it so is bunking off to watch.”

Ah, good old English dread and good old English bunking off. A perfect cocktail.


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“Bacon butties and coffee on the go.” Neil Stockton informs us, “Sofa screwed to the wall to avoid the temptation of diving behind it. Expecting 80 minutes of high anxiety. Come on England!”

Very good choice on the breakfast and a wise choice on the sofa, not just to avoid taking cover behind it, but also to remove the risk of launching it across the room if it doesn’t pan out as you would want.

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