Erdoğan says Trump's letter showed lack of respect – live

Turkish president said he would respond to Trump’s letter telling him not to be a ‘tough guy’ or fool ‘when the time comes’

Today is a quieter day in the impeachment inquiry, with no closed-door interviews scheduled on Capitol Hill.

The schedule will pick up again starting Tuesday, with acting US ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor speaking to the House committees leading the investigation.

Next week’s impeachment depositions, per official working on inquiry:

Tuesday: Amb William Taylor

Wednesday: Amb Philip Reeker + OMB Associate Director for Nat’l Security Michael Duffey

Thursday: Deputy Assistant Sec of Defense Laura Cooper + Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman


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A Republican congressman who sits on the House foreign affairs committee, one of the three panels leading the impeachment inquiry against Trump, appeared open to the possibility that the president may have committed impeachable offenses in his conduct toward Ukraine.

GOP Rep. Francis Rooney on CNN repeatedly refused to rule out that Trump’s conduct toward Ukraine is impeachable — says he wants to hear from next week’s witnesses but finds it “troubling” and compares it to Nixon calling Watergate a “witch hunt” when it really wasn’t.

Conaway added: “So he should have wide latitude as to how he gets his advice.”

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