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As this fascinating show makes clear, colonising the Red Planet will require technical genius – plus an eye for fashion and coffee you can drink upside-down

‘Nuke Mars!” tweeted Elon Musk in August this year. Having launched a car into orbit and developed a self-landing rocket, the billionaire SpaceX founder seems to have set his sights on bombing the red planet. “T-shirt soon,” he added.

But it wasn’t just another drug-induced whim. Musk has been contemplating the idea since 2015. By nuking the sky over the Martian poles every couple of seconds, he thinks he could create two tiny pulsing “suns” that would melt the ice and release vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It would essentially create an instant greenhouse effect, raising the temperature and air pressure of the planet – climate change on demand from the man who marketed flamethrowers for torching marshmallows.

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