The Importance Of Text Messaging In Small Businesses

Texting has revolutionized the world of business. It is now a preferred and effective mode of communication for large, medium, and small enterprises alike.

Business owners communicate daily with their employees via text. Additionally, there is a need for them to do the same with their customers. 

Customers tend to contact their service providers via text, especially for those dealing with small businesses. This number is larger, as compared to customers who opt to make a phone call.

With the technological advancements we are witnessing, business owners will be forced to jump on board or risk being left behind. On that note, below are some of the reasons why entrepreneurs should embrace business texting.

It is a viable communication style

Whether for formal or informal reasons, almost everyone would prefer getting a direct short message as compared to a large formal letter/e-mail or an interruptive phone call. 

In as much as some clients would prefer calling, it is funny how they would still be upset if they realized they cannot reach you via text.

Additionally, if your clientele is millennials, you are at an advantage because they love texting.

It is a written record

There are scenarios where you will be required to text business information to a colleague or boss. Texting puts the information down into writing and can be used for future reference just like an e-mail. 

With e-mails, only recipients who have notifications turned on will receive new e-mail alerts. For messages, notifications are by default.

Besides, texts are visible instantaneously and prompt an almost immediate response.

It is much easier to keep track of information

As stated earlier, texts offer a platform to store written records. This also enables you as a business owner to keep track of all sent and received messages.

With text messaging, a list of customer interactions will be automatically created on your phone, where you can reference with ease and at your time of convenience.

It offers a competitive edge

In as much as texting is an efficient mode of communication, not many business owners have fully realized its maximum potential. 

Business, large and small, will gain a competitive edge if they incorporate texting into their routine communications operations. You can use messaging to convert leads and effectively market your products and services.

Even if your competitors are in on this trend, it ensures that your business is not left behind.

Provides a personalized experience to your customers

Everyone wants to feel special and one of the ways of doing so in business is by giving your customers a personalized experience.

Personalizing texts is the way to go. This gives your clients attention and makes them feel valued as you care about them. 

It is cost-effective

Texting can be used for marketing purposes. As such, it is a cheaper marketing tool as compared to other modes of advertisements. It also saves on resources as it does not require a huge involvement.

Text messaging allows you the option of mass and group messaging that is cost-efficient. It also allows for automated scheduled replies.

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