$10 lifetime discount for Budget Dedicated Server

$10 lifetime discount for Budget Dedicated Server post thumbnail image

Covid-19 has changed the face of the world including in Indonesia. The infected people are increasing with death toll are increasing in many countries. Nevertheless, hope is there. Many people managed to recover.

Be safe by being at home. Picture from Pixabay

Prevention is important. Keep yourself save. Do physical distancing. Work from home. Hopefully, the numbers of the victims are decreasing soon.

One Dollar Hosting will always provide our customers our best online services such as shared hosting plans, reseller hosting plans, 1 dollar VPN.

Our services are backed up by the data centers that work for 24/7. Supporting us remotely to ensure we can provide great services for our customers, especially in this sad time.

With this quality, we offer $10 lifetime discounts for our Budget Dedicated Servers that are availabe for old and new customers. The server comes with minimum free 5 IPv4, 10 TB Bandwidth, 500 GB space.

Just add the following code while placing your order. Just click on the image to launch the sales page.


Visit our sale page here

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