Can 1 dollar hosting plan available with cPanel?

Can 1 dollar hosting plan available with cPanel? post thumbnail image

In January 2021, cPanel, the greatest automated web hosting panel will increase its price.

It is surely not a good news for small hosting company like us that offers one dollar hosting meanwhile the cost for one account is near $1.

cPanel has many features that are easily be used even by amateurs. But, that is a long time a go.

After searching and using other web hosting panels, we decide to use CWP panel for our premium services.

It has similar features like cPanel such as free autoSSL, PHP selector, MySQL (MariaDb).

It also has softaculous that you can use to install a lot of apps such as WordPress and Joomla.

The dashboard is also easily accessed just like cPanel.

So, yeah, it is time to move forward. In a few month, we will permanently change to CWP.

Everyone, you need to know cPanel is not everything. There are always alternatives and we found one.

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