Which one is great for chatting online?

Which one is great for chatting online? post thumbnail image

Many years ago we knew Yahoo messenger. Been using it for business a long time ago.

Then, blackberry messenger showed up with more features.

Not for long, WhatsApp appeared and we do not need a pin to be our chat id. Instead we could use our own cellphone Number.

This changed everything. How chatting could be made simpler with cellphone number as our ID.

Nowadays, WhatsApp has gained millions of users even after Facebook bought WhatsApp.

However, not many changes are provided on WhatsApp. It is still simple chat application with end to end encryption.

For some people, simple is good. But, for others, they just need more than a chatting app.

This opportunity has been paid attention by Telegram that offers more than a chatting application with its channel, polling feature, and other features provided for its users that grow huge every day.

Yet, other chatting apps also offer great features. You just need to simply look for them and test them.

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