10 Best Free CPanel Alternatives 2022

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Every website you visit, including how it looks, fares, and functions is determined from a software engine room (a control center, that is).

Prior to the era of the graphical user interface, a website control center used to be presented as a monochrome back-end where complex command lines were typed in. But these days, it is more popularly represented as an interface filled with windows, icons, tabs, and other graphical components.

The entire range enables webmasters and site owners to run websites more easily via mouse clicks and screen taps rather than command lines. This GUI-based website engine room is known as a web hosting control panel.

cPanel is a pioneering web hosting control panel brand that has gained a reputation as the industry standard over the years.

Having been around for a long time, it is easy to understand why most modern webmasters may be more familiar with cPanel than any of their contemporaries. For instance, users like the intuitive outlook and the rich detail of the cPanel interface.

Other features of cPanel that have endeared it to users over the years include, but not limited to its relative quality email hosting, the flexibility of its web hosting functionality, and the fact that it supports a wide range of popular CMS/modules integrations.

cPanel is now often a value-added inclusion in most web hosting packages. However, for the web hosting companies themselves, the cPanel pricing starts from $15 a month and gets as high as $48.

While this may not be an issue for many big hosting companies out there, there are certainly budget-tight start-ups that need a free replacement for cPanel here and there. Because of cPanel’s account-based pricing and annual license policy, it becomes difficult for resellers and small companies.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the 10 best free cPanel alternatives to help you out. Read more at https://rigorousthemes.com/blog/best-free-cpanel-alternatives/

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