To open an e-commerce store is one of the most exciting endeavors to experience as an entrepreneur.

There are so many moving parts involved in entrepreneurship and it can be challenging to stay on top of everything. This is especially true when it comes to getting a consistent flow of traffic to the store.

If you’ve found yourself in a space where you’re unsure of how to effectively get traffic, consider these four tips.


1. Post To Social Media

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are excellent because any company can reach their target audience with strategy and consistency.

Both platforms have sales programs where you can purchase ads. Measure the effectiveness of each ad and improve as you continue. Once you master the ad strategies, you can really automate the marketing efforts.


2. Build A Responsive Email List

In order to build a responsive email list, it’s important to offer something of value. In the digital space, a person’s email address is sacred. When a person gives up their personal email address, it’s equivalent to getting a direct line to a person.

In exchange for such a great gift, it’s wise to offer an incentive. Whether it’s an informative eBook or a great list of resources within the industry niche, make sure it’s an incentive that your future clients would struggle to turn down.


3. Create a Blog on the e-Commerce Site

Start a blog on your e-Commerce site. If HTML and website changes aren’t your strong areas, it’s a good idea to hire a web developer to create a section on the site for a blog. With this blog, create consistent posts that offer value to potential readers.

In order to gain traffic, use eCommerce search engine optimization methods. Keywords and tags are important parts of a good search engine strategy. Once you have a good flow of traffic with this method, it’ll serve you as a passive stream of marketing. Plus, as more people find the content valuable and read it, Google will increase the page rankings.

The goal should always be to land on the first page of Google.


4. Use Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are the amazing people who will advocate for your product. For a great brand ambassador program, find a mix of popular YouTube personalities and everyday people who are passionate about your products or services. This will help you cover a larger and well-rounded base.

With each of these tips, it’s best to be proactive yet give them time. Some tips will take more time than others. Brand ambassadors will probably send immediate traffic. Search engine optimization tends to take a few months to start making an impact. As long as you’re consistent with your efforts, you’ll be able to see a consistent flow of traffic.

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