If you’ve recently applied for disability benefits and were denied, then it’s important that you act swiftly to appeal the decision. Before you act, however, it’s important to identify why you may have been denied. By pinpointing the reason for the denial of your claim, you can avoid making the same mistakes again. 

In order to increase your chances of a favorable decision, you need to make sure that you avoid common mistakes. Here are some of the most likely reasons why your claim may have been denied.


1. No Legal Representation

A significant number of denied claims would have been easily approved had only the applicant hired a lawyer to help them with their paperwork. A lawyer can provide the expertise to inform you of the right steps to have the best chances of being approved.

Trying to navigate the complex laws yourself without any legal help can be like wandering around in the dark with no flashlight. A lawyer has the experience and know-how to increase your chances of approval.


2. Not Enough Evidence

The first thing that the SSA wants to see is substantial evidence that your disability is credible. The best way to prove that you do in fact, have a disability is by providing sufficient medical evidence. 

That means saving all of the paperwork that your doctors give you, including treatments, medications, and follow-up appointments. Include test resulting and diagnosis of the condition you claim to have. 


3. Previous Denials

In many cases, if the SSA sees that you’ve been previously denied for disability benefits in the past, they’ll likely reject your application again.  

Rather than reapplying over and over if you’re denied, it’s better to go through the appeals process.  


4. Incomplete Forms

There are a considerable amount of forms that need to be completed when filing a claim for disability benefits.  It’s important to re-read your forms over and over to ensure that you didn’t miss a single line or signature. 

Answer all of their questions thoroughly and include detailed information.  


5. Lack Of A Strong Case

In some instances, your disability may not fall under the SSA’s requirements. If your case doesn’t prove that you aren’t able to perform any kind of work whatsoever, then you’ll be denied.  

It’s for this reason that you need extensive medical evidence detailing how your disability affects your everyday life and ability to carry out activities. Otherwise, your case simply won’t be strong enough. 

It’s important to keep in mind that many claims are denied. Statistically, more claims are denied than approved.

Therefore, try to keep this in mind when applying for benefits. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may not have a chance at a favorable decision.

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