Would you trust a business or celebrity that didn’t have a website to represent them? These days, the answer is mostly a resounding no.

You should already be able to see why we consider a blog essential to building your brand and making sure people know more about you and what you can do. These days you can’t afford to be without a blog.

Here’s seven reasons why a blog is crucial to your brand’s success.


1. If You’re Not On Google, You Don’t Exist

The very first thing that most people do when they first hear of a business or celebrity is to type their names into their nearest search engine to see what comes up. This should bring up past reviews, possibly some news stories that your name got tagged in, a couple of social media profiles and, most importantly, a blog.

If a blog doesn’t happen to show up when people look up a business or brand, people wonder – and this means they trust it less. If you’re not part of search engine indexes these days, if you don’t have official representation in the form of a blog, you practically don’t exist to the world. And that’s bad for business.


2. This Is Your Web Home

A blog functions as your official web home as a business.

This means that your blog will be the platform where you inform people about the products you sell or the services you offer; this also means that you will use your blog to let them know of any changes. You will use your blog to post news, updates and special offers directly to your customers and fans – and they’ll use it to get in touch.

Your blog is your official representation online, and without it…You guessed it, you don’t exist.


3. People Will Trust You More

How do you judge a new product, service or celebrity?

Most people will use their official website as a gauge of what to think of them, and having a blog that represents you in the right way and gets the right message over to your fans and clients means that they will trust you more in the long run.


4. You Can Interact With People And Answer Questions

Remember that a blog also gives you a platform to interact with people and answer their questions.

Your blog gives them a place where they can contact you – without it, how would you get any fans or business in to begin with?

People like the chance to feel like they can interact with celebrities and businesses: Your blog is the place where they get to do it.


5. You Can Deal With Complaints In An Easier Way

Complaints and bad publicity is not great for anyone – but it’s bound to happen to everyone at some point.

Would you rather see bad publicity posted on a platform where you have no control over it, or would you rather be able to do damage control on your own terms? Your blog, where people can get in touch, gives you a much easier chance to resolve issues.


6. You Can Provide Customers With News And Updates And Offers

So, where would you go if you were looking to find news about a company or celebrity?

Sometimes you would go check out news headlines, but most of the time you would go directly to their official website or blog for this: That’s where all of the latest information is. And that’s what you should offer your readers.


7. You Can Get Entirely New Customers This Way 

Using a blog to promote your brand gives you a chance to get entirely new customers – people who see ads to get to your blog, people who click on shared content… All of these are customers that get sent your way directly through your blog.

Want to know more about how you can get customers through your blog? Here’s a great guide to get you started.


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