Just months after admitting sexual misconduct, the US comic is trying to make a comeback. It’s too soon for him and others

Heart disease remains the world’s most dominant threat to the male existence, but it is men that are “the number one threat to women”. So said comedian Louis CK in 2013. How do women even consider going out with men, he asked, when “globally and historically [men] are the number one cause of injury and mayhem to women?” How indeed.

Last year Louis CK went from routinely being referred to as one of the world’s greatest living standups to being outed as a sexual aggressor; a predator who was both frightening and pathetic in the way he used his power to repeatedly masturbate in front of female comics without their consent, and then in effect killed their careers for talking about it. Last week, nine months since he was forced to admit that rumours circulating for years about his behaviour were true and promised he would “step back and take a long time to listen”, he made a comeback at New York’s Comedy Cellar.

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