The global community’s inertia while the military wages vicious campaigns must cease – we must establish an accountability structure and end impunity

Three women were at their farm when they were taken by 80 soldiers belonging to Myanmar military, and were repeatedly gang-raped by the troops before eventually being released four days later. This tragically now familiar sounding story of a crime in Myanmar did not occur during the “clearance operations” following August 2017 in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine State, but in July 2000 on the other side of the country in Shan State. This case was documented in a 2002 report Licence to Rape, along with 172 other cases of sexual violence perpetrated in Shan State between 1991 and 2001.

Far too many such crimes have been committed with scant consequences faced by the culprits. On ensuring accountability for gross violations of human rights in Myanmar, so far the international community has failed.

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