Scott Morrison is still trying to establish his agenda amid controversy about the leadership spill, energy policy and Peter Dutton. All the day’s events, live

As we mentioned, Roman Quaedvlieg, has written to the Speaker over what Peter Dutton said in parliament yesterday – and this morning, he has greeted Twitter with this:

Talk to anyone in the community & put together the words ‘groomed’ & ‘girl’ & see where their mind goes, let alone an ex-police officer, let alone one who has investigated offences against children.

I picked up a coffee from my local cafe today & they were abhorred by the slur.


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Bullying claims from within the Liberal party are also continuing to dog the government, but Scott Morrison and his loyal lieutenants, including Alex Hawke, have been doing their best to hose down those claims.

Yesterday, Lucy Gichuhi said she would not be making her speech to “name names” in the Senate, after speaking to Morrison and being assured he would deal with the matter. Here is what Morrison had to say about that conversation to Leigh Sales:

When I spoke to Senator Gichuhi she made it very clear to me that in terms of the events in Canberra and the spill of the leadership, she told me very plainly that she was not bullied by anybody here in Canberra, in relation to that matter.

There are some other issues that, when I’ve got into detail of this issue with several of my colleagues, of matters that relate to the party divisions and how things are dealt with there. But this is a very torrid business, Leigh, as we know. What I do know of the events of a couple of weeks ago, was that my standard, my example, I think more than met what people would expect. That’s what I’m doing going forward. At the same time, there was no sort of gender-specific actions that related to what some would call very intense lobbying. Which is fairly normal in the political process, albeit not edifying.

He is not saying he is not taking them seriously. He said they’ll investigate that and: “I don’t believe we do have a problem with bullying.’ He said the whips are investigating but [have] prejudged if they don’t have a problem.

If you are former foreign minister and deputy leader and your two senators and minister for women said there was a problem in the culture, wouldn’t you as leader come out and say, ‘Oh, sorry I have never realised. Let me have a closer look at that.’

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