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The very fact that you’re asking this question suggests it’s more than likely you’re not. Not in the truly scientific sense of the word anyway. This is because one of the traits that tends to characterise those who exhibit excessive narcissism is an inability to engage in self-reflection. Such individuals typically have grandiose ideas about themselves and rarely consider that there might actually be something “wrong” with them, so I doubt you’d be asking this question at all if you were. Then again, another typical trait of narcissism is preoccupation with yourself. So if you find yourself asking questions like this often, and being unusually preoccupied with yourself in general, you could well have some narcissistic traits. When it comes to assessing whether you’re too narcissistic, it’s all a question of degree. You have to consider the situation you’re in and what personality characteristics may be best suited to it.

In today’s society, those considered to be too narcissistic typically exhibit higher levels of arrogance than average, excessive grandiosity, a sense of invincibility, and a sense of entitlement or a belief that special treatment is deserved. People who are high in narcissism also typically display a lack of empathy for others and have a tendency to engage in superficial or exploitative relationships.

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