The death of a man living in a Tim Hortons shocked Vancouver – but from seniors in shelters to millennials in motorhomes and Chinese families leaving Chinatown, the housing crisis is affecting everyone

A middle-aged man in gold chains and Adidas shorts is yelling loudly into a phone about “politically correct maggots” and making racist slurs. Another man, wearing black dress shoes with a leather jacket, sleeps facedown on a table, raising his head periodically in his sleep and puckering his lips. Neither arouses any obvious interest from the other customers.

It is not surprising that a permanently homeless man would feel as though he could blend into this Vancouver branch of Tim Hortons, a 24-hour donut and coffee shop, at all hours. This is where Ted came every day for 10 years. Staff members and regulars alike knew his rolling suitcase, his handlebar mustache and his scowling disposition. It was not unusual to find him sleeping in the restaurant.

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