My polling card is a sad reminder that if I want keep the democratic right to vote, I will have to leave the country I love

My poll card for the local elections, which take place across England in May, arrived in the post this week. The last one came in April 2016, for London’s mayoral election, and receiving it made me jump for joy. EU law gives every European citizen a vote in local and European elections wherever they live in the European Union. In April 2016 I had just moved to the UK, which I always dreamed of calling home, and was so proud that I took a selfie with my card. Two more UK polls came after that – a referendum that changed everything, and a general election that changed very little – but I could not vote in either, because I am a European national.

And now, with Brexit looming, the polling card is just another gloomy reminder of how different things were for EU citizens just two years ago.

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