Children need toys, but when you have no money yourself, it hurts to know that those making them are paid pitiful wages

Christmas is a stressful time for families, especially those on strict budgets, and those surviving below the poverty line. Shops are filled with items crying out to be bought. Toys fill shelves, and children wait not-so-patiently for Santa to come. It’s well known that elves make toys in the north pole, and they will be delivered by a jolly fat man, via a sleigh replete with magical reindeer and gaily ringing bells.

For poorer families, the presents Santa delivers aren’t nice wooden toys made in the north pole (or the UK) by happy elves with secure jobs paying at least minimum wage. It would be lovely if they were, but they’re not. For kids in poverty, Santa sources his gifts from China and India rather than the north pole (or the UK). They’re cheap, they’re affordable, and they ensure something is there to be unwrapped. The true meaning of Christmas. The elves who make these toys are working in conditions that leave them trapped, tired, and miserable. Mrs Claus isn’t feeding these workers mince pies, either.

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