Police confirm fatalaties and say they are treating incident in Spanish city as terror attack, amid local reports that armed men have entered restaurant

Full report: van hits crowd in city centre

Aamer Anwar, civil rights lawyer and rector of Glasgow University, was on the Ramblas when the attack happened and ran for his life.

He saw scenes of terror after the attack:

It was jam packed with tourists, it was a beautiful sunny day. I heard a noise, a crashing noise. At the same time there were screams and people started to run. It was like an avalanche of people running, in front and behind me. People were jumping into shops, pulling their children out of prams. There was no room [on the Ramblas], it was swamped with families, children, and tourists. I saw a woman running, when we stopped she was screaming, because she could not see her children. Within 30 seconds I could see police officers with guns. One man told me there were five or six people seriously injured.

TV3 is reporting that “up to” six people dead, but does not name its sources. The spokeswoman for a chain of ten restaurants in the area said that some 600 people were stuck inside their restaurants, waiting for permission from the police to leave

Those people may be having trouble communicating with friends because mobile phone coverage in the area is saturated.

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