We must exploit the power of positive thinking if we are to curb the effects of dangerous movements in our climate

In 1982, when I was having a bit of an existential crisis while campaigning for nuclear disarmament and heavily pregnant, my father-in-law related the story of a neighbour who’d shot dead his wife, children and himself during the Cuba crisis because he couldn’t face the prospect of inevitable nuclear war. “He could have been enjoying his grandchildren now.”

Climate change (It’s the end of the Earth as we know it, Comment) appears to momentous, and not withstanding the depressing (and logical) thoughts that it’s too late, too complex, too difficult and so forth, I still reckon it’s a good strategy to act as if changes in human behaviour, individual and collective, on any scale – massive and radical would be good options – might make a difference. A growing body of scientific researchers, journalists, activists, politicians, ethical lifestylers and eco-warriors keeps going “despite”.

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