Martin Luther King’s daughter believes the challenges of the past 15 months have strengthened her father’s legacy, not diminished it

Of all the many faces of Martin Luther King that will be invoked this week as America marks the 50th anniversary of his assassination – King the orator of the mountaintop speech, King the non-violent protester marching towards Montgomery, King the visionary with the dream of justice rolling down like a mighty stream – the most tender is the Martin Luther King of the kissing game.

He would play it with his wife Coretta and four young children whenever he got back to the family home in Atlanta, Georgia, after long days and nights on the civil rights trail. Having braved police batons and attack dogs across the deep south, he would finally turn into the drive of what was to be his last home in Sunset Avenue, where he would be met by a little girl rushing towards him and leaping into his arms.

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