Philip Hammond, the former chancellor, says leaving EU without a deal would be a betrayal of the referendum result

The Johnson supporter and former Conservative party leader, Iain Duncan Smith, has hit back at Hammond, accusing him of undermining the UK’s negotiating position by failing to prepare for no deal.

Duncan Smith told BBC Radio 4s Today programme:

By not preparing to leave with no deal, they made it certain that we’d have to swallow everything that the European Union gave us.

So the crime that has been committed in political terms was committed by him and those who did not prepare us to leave.


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Philip Hammond has put the cat among the pigeons by saying that leaving the EU without a deal would be a betrayal of the referendum result. He is leading a group of 20 Conservative MPs who are making clear their opposition to crashing out on 31 October.

The unelected people who pull the strings of this government know that this is a demand the EU cannot, and will not, accede to.

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