Britain doesn’t have to follow the Leavers over the cliff. There’s still time for a U-turn

For three years, the worst of Britain has been in charge. The Britain that says it is elitist to tell the electorate it can’t have the impossible. The Britain that has patted itself on the back for threatening the rule of law and the independence of MPs. The Britain where it is normal for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to call the BBC’s political editor a bitch and a whore and demand her dismissal for crimes against the party line and for supporters of Nigel Farage to send death threats to MPs. The Britain with no middle, only extremes.

Millions have been airbrushed from the national story: Conservatives who voted to remain; Europeans who have made Britain their home for so long they are British in everything except their paperwork; British citizens living in the EU; and everyone in the UK who wants to live in the EU but whose rights are being taken away in a vast state power grab.

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