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Speaking on the Today programme this morning, the Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald condemned the New IRA, who have admitted responsibility for the killing of Lyra McKee, “unreservedly”. McDonald went on:

The war in Ireland is over, the conflict is over, the IRA arms have been destroyed or put beyond use. We have a new democratic dispensation and it is so important we make that work, that institutions of government work …

[The New IRA] are a tiny, unrepresentative group that have no plan, that have no strategy. If their alibi [for the killing of journalist McKee] is they are seeking to advance the cause of republicanism, they are very far off the mark.


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Jeremy Corbyn will also be attending Lyra McKee’s funeral, Sky’s Amber de Botton reports.

Jeremy Corbyn will also attend Lyra McKee’s funeral today.

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