For £65 you can travel back to the 80s by once again owning a Commodore 64. Not only does it plug straight into your telly, it lets you rediscover old gaming thrills like Boulder Dash and Speedball

Without wanting to reheat old playground arguments, I had a ZX Spectrum, my school had BBC Micros, but everyone was secretly a bit jealous of the kids who had a Commodore 64. Not, of course, that we’d tell them that at the time. But the use of sprites, the multichannel sound processor, and that precious 64k of memory were enough to turn heads.

And now the Commodore 64 is back. Well, at least a miniature version of it is. Retailing at around £65, the C64 Mini comes preloaded with 64 games, and, just like the old days, it plugs straight into your television. Although this time it is via an HDMI cable.

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