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Chuka Umunna, the former Labour MP who is now the spokesman for the Independent Group of MPs, told Sky’s All Out Politics this morning that his group was in favour of amendments calling for a second referendum. He said the Independent Group voted against the customs union plan in the first indicative votes debate last week. He explained:

Our view is, this has got to go back to the people … Ultimately the best deal that is available to the UK is the one we currently have now. We think people should have the option to choose that. A customs union, or even a single market model, come nowhere close to what our existing deal does for the British economy.


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Steve Baker, the deputy chairman of the European Research Group and one of the hardline Brexiters who voted against Theresa May’s deal on Friday, has posted a thread on Twitter dismissing claims that the Brexiters have refused to compromise since 2016. He was responding to Julian Smith, the chief whip, telling the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg in an interview for her Brexit documentary that the government should have pushed for a softer Brexit after the 2017 election.

This idea of a hard v soft Brexit is the ludicrous invention of opponents of leaving.

The logic of our democratic decision leads to a relationship of the kind the EU offered last year:

No one can seriously maintain Leavers have not compromised (thread)

1. We are still in the EU nearly 3 years after the Referendum. We accepted the Art 50 route. We then accepted another 18 months of implementation period.

2. We accepted ECJ jurisdiction over the agreement including over how much we pay and EU citizens rights.

3. We accepted £39bn as a price to get to trade talks.

4. We found we had to accept the Number 10 negotiating team negotiating in secrecy.

5. UK Fish were to be treated as outside of the single customs territory for trade purposes as a prelude to fishing rights for trade deal.

6. This was always a bad deal. We compromised and compromised but we were not prepared to accept the threat to our constitution and democracy resulting from the Northen Irish backstop and the acceptance of EU laws over which we would have no say.

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