Police in Annapolis, Maryland confirm fatalities and say others have been seriously injured. Follow live updates here

Police have yet to ascribe any motive to the shooter, despite being asked multiple times during a press conference outside the Capital Gazette’s headquarters minutes ago.

CNN are quoting anonymous law enforcement sources saying the suspect is not assisting investigators and not answering questions during interview. The Guardian has not been able to verify these claims, but officers confirmed the suspect was still being interviewed at the time of the press conference.


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Thursday’s shooting is not the first time a local newsroom has found itself the target of a gun attack.

In August 2015, a disturbed former employee for WDBJ7 TV news in Roanaoke, Virginia opened fire on journalist Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward during an on-air interview. About 40,000 viewers reportedly watched the journalists’ murder live – including their own shocked colleagues. Officials said the perpetrator, a former reporter for the station who had been fired, died after shooting himself.

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