European elections: tactical voting and strategic thinking for remainers | Letters

Labour-supporting readers advise others on whether they should stick with the party in Thursday’s poll or vote for another party as suggested by Jonathan Freedland Jonathan Freedland does the country and the pro-EU cause a great disservice by advocating an Read More

Men who receive paid paternity leave want fewer children, study finds

Spain’s paternity leave was part of a set of policies to promote gender equality in the labor market and at home, a researcher said Parents who received paid paternity leave took longer to have another child and men’s desire for Read More

Mordaunt pledges to review internal MoD torture guidance

Concerns intelligence-sharing guidance is at odds with official government stance on torture The defence secretary, Penny Mordaunt, has vowed to review Ministry of Defence internal guidance on the sharing of intelligence derived from torture with allies. An MoD policy document, Read More

Ford to cut 7,000 jobs including more than 500 in UK

US carmaker announces plans to reduce global workforce by 10% by the end of August Ford is to cut at least 7,000 jobs, including about 550 in the UK, as it presses ahead with plans to reduce costs in Europe Read More

Did you solve it? The Zorro puzzle

The solution to today’s teaser In my puzzle column earlier today I set you these problems about slicing through a square grid: 1) What is the least number of straight lines you need to draw across a 3×3 square grid Read More