Air pollution sickens us in a car-addicted society | Letters

Readers join the dots between various recent reports on the effects of air pollution on human health and the part played by cars in turning the atmosphere toxic Your report (School run is the ‘biggest polluter’ of air children breathe, Read More

Spain’s blasphemy laws stifle freedom | Letters

The detention of a Spanish film actor over a blasphemy case is denounced by a group of humanist writers and performers, including Sandi Toksvig, Sara Pascoe, David Baddiel and Eddie Marsan As actors, writers, comedians, and musicians, as well as Read More

Botswana rejects claims of elephant poaching surge

Country rebuts charity’s accusations by inviting officials to see carcasses for themselves Botswana has rebutted claims of a surge of elephant poaching by putting carcasses of animals that were allegedly slaughtered for ivory on display – some with tusks still Read More

Tim Burke obituary

The activist, film-maker, writer, agent provocateur and flaneur, my friend Tim Burke, who has taken his own life aged 55, fought hard for “justice 4 Grenfell”. He was profoundly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in west London, and continually Read More

Restaurant tries marijuana for lobsters to take the edge off being boiled

One Maine restaurateur says blowing smoke over lobsters before plunging them into boiling water makes for a happier crustacean and a tastier dish For decades, seafood lovers have struggled with a confounding ethical dilemma: how do you balance out the Read More