Facebook launches Snapchat-style disappearing messages, again

Disappearing messages launched alongside new encryption feature, ‘secret conversations’ For the fourth time, Facebook is trialling a Snapchat-style ephemeral messaging system. This time, however, the company is introducing the new feature alongside a much wider change: the first chance to Read More

Are modular phones the shape of things to come?

Motorola and LG are getting on board this emerging smartphone movement, but will it all fit together? Wander into your local phone shop for an upgrade and you could soon be sold a module rather than a whole new phone. Read More

Brexit: government dashes hopes of second EU referendum in e-petition response

Statement in response to petition signed by more than 4.1m people says referendum was ‘once in a generation’ vote The hopes of more than 4.1 million people who signed a petition calling for a second referendum on the EU have Read More

Nintendo shares jump 10% as Pokémon Go paints a hopeful picture of the future

Company appears to be relaxing its hold on franchises, potentially allowing new revenue to replace that lost by underwhelming console sales Pokémon GO is only out in a few countries so far, but the game’s astonishing success is already having Read More

Inside Amazon: secretive tech company opens its Seattle HQ to the public

The Guardian takes the first-ever public tour of Amazon’s nerve centre in Seattle and finds a sparkling PR effort – and free bananas A group of twentysomethings are laughing around a rooftop fire-pit overlooking sailboats on Seattle’s Lake Union. A Read More