Streaming: where to find the best space films

From a 50s sci-fi curio to Hollywood blockbusters, there have been giant leaps in films that reach for the moon First Man is in cinemas now, in all its crashing, whooshing, non-flag-waving glory, reminding audiences afresh that the space race Read More

UFO sightings may be falling, but Congress is still paying attention | Nick Pope

Renewed US interest could produce some fascinating hearings, but the focus should be on the quality not just the quantity of reported sightings There’s renewed interest in the UFO phenomenon and it’s coming from an unexpected source: the United States Read More

The Wider Earth review – Natural History Museum's Darwin spectacular

Natural History Museum, LondonCharles Darwin’s adventures aboard the HMS Beagle are told through engrossing puppetry and painterly projections This is an unusual enterprise. The museum’s Jerwood Gallery has been turned into a theatre to house a production by Australia’s Dead Read More

Starwatch: Mars and Saturn line up with the moon in the southern sky

The moon takes centre stage in this week’s planetary line-up – but Pluto is there too, invisible to the naked eye This week the waxing Moon glides between Saturn and Mars in the low southern sky. Mars is the brighter Read More

How irritating that smug couples have stumbled on the secret of a perfect relationship | Arwa Mahdawi

‘We-talk’ – constantly referring to yourself and your partner in the plural – is annoying. But it is also a sign that your relationship is solid. What else has science got to teach us about staying together? It’s always we, Read More