Starwatch: Sirius, the dog star, rises to brighten winter nights

The brightest star returns this week, twinkling and sparkling unmistakably in the southern sky There’s a treat in store all week for early risers. Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, will be glittering in the southern sky in Read More

Tinder boss Elie Seidman: ‘If you behave badly, we want you out’

The dating app has become the go-to tool for singles looking for a ‘hook-up’ rather than a relationship. Its chief executive reckons it can broaden its appeal – but will have to get tough with some users Swipe right for Read More

Why the mother who started gender-reveal parties regrets them

Celebrating the discovery of your unborn baby’s sex has been coopted by people with repressive, polarised ideas, says the woman who began the trend In 2008, Jenna Myers Karvunidis was pregnant and itching to throw a party. “Life is hard, Read More

Moving to Mars review – a rendezvous with the red planet

Design Museum, LondonThis fascinating show offers close encounters with an actual Mars rover, footage from the planet’s surface – and ambitious plans for inhabiting it, should the need arise… On the surface of Mars, temperatures average about -60C. The thin Read More

‘Curb drink culture’ says drugs expert David Nutt

New restrictions needed for leading cause of deaths of men under 50 New restrictions are needed on Britain’s drinking culture, which is behind a huge rise in deaths of men and women under 50, according to the government’s former chief Read More