Nicaragua: Ortega blames 'satanic sect' for uprising against his rule

President claims the unrest that has left over 300 dead is due to a ‘diabolical force’ from a US-backed conspiracy to topple him Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega has hit out at what he has claimed is a “murderous, coup-mongering satanic Read More

The Guardian view on cybersecurity: trust – but verify | Editorial

The use of Chinese-made equipment in Britain’s broadband infrastructure demands, and gets, careful scrutiny How far can we trust Chinese companies to supply our critical national infrastructure? The question was raised by the Hinkley Point power station, but is even Read More

Historic deal on shared Macedonian identity must be honoured | Letters

A big show of support for the agreement ending the dispute between Greece and the country now renamed North Macedonia The historic agreement of 17 June signed between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom) ends a dispute Read More

Michael Cohen recorded Trump discussing payment to Playboy model – report

New York Times reports tape seized by FBI in raid Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani confirms recording exists Donald Trump was secretly recorded two months before the 2016 election discussing a potential payoff to a former Playboy model who claimed she Read More

Formerly extinct ibis taught to migrate by following light aircraft

Birds bred in captivity are led on their three-week migration south from Germany by human ‘foster parents’ in light aircraft Leaning out of an ultralight aircraft, Corinna Esterer turns toward a flock of peculiar black birds soaring just a few Read More