Trump’s economic war on Iran is doomed to failure | Richard Dalton

With demand for Iranian oil holding firm and no international support for sanctions, the US’s harsh approach has no future The US has declared economic war on Iran: after having pulled out of the UN security council-endorsed nuclear deal in Read More

Trump to honor Elvis with Presidential Medal of Freedom – live updates

Florida’s Senate race still in the balance Democrats gain House seat in California 2.57pm GMT It seems Broward County has already completed its hand recount in Florida for the United States Senate race and it doesn’t appear that Bill Nelson Read More

Met's 'gang matrix' breached data laws, investigation finds

Human rights campaigners say list of suspects discriminates against young black men The Metropolitan police’s list of gang suspects breached data protection laws, potentially causing damage and distress to a disproportionate number of young black men, an investigation by the Read More

Butch Cassidy and Princess Bride scriptwriter William Goldman dies aged 87

Celebrated writer and novelist was a key part of the 70s New Hollywood generation, winning two Oscars for his screenplays Oscar-winning screenwriter and novelist William Goldman, best known for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Princess Bride, has Read More

California: Camp fire death toll rises to 63 with more than 600 still missing

Authorities say figure up by 500 since Wednesday as more remains found in towns devastated by state’s deadliest fire Rescue workers are searching for more than 630 people reported missing in a northern California town reduced to ashes by the Read More