British Airways travel chaos after major IT failure – video report

A major IT outage has caused severe disruption to British Airways flights from UK airports on Saturday. Flights were cancelled or delayed, and some travellers missed flights due to not being able to check in online. The cause of the Read More

Manchester attack: UK terror threat level down from critical to severe

Soldiers will begin to be withdrawn from key sites at end of bank holiday weekend as Operation Temperer is scaled back Manchester attack – latest updates The terror threat level in the UK has been reduced from critical to severe Read More

Schapelle Corby to return to Australia 13 years after Bali drugs conviction

Intense media interest surrounds Corby, who has consistently maintained she was unwitting victim of botched conspiracy Schapelle Corby is set to arrive back in Australia for the first time in 13 years, after being allowed to leave her Bali home Read More

Donald Trump will make 'final decision' on Paris climate deal next week

President tweets announcement from G7 summit in Sicily Other members vote to abide by deal to combat climate change Donald Trump said on Saturday he will decide next week whether the US will stay in the Paris climate agreement, amid Read More

Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to President Carter, dies at 89

Polish-born expert worked for Kennedy and Johnson before assuming senior White House role and achieving success in middle east and China policy Zbigniew Brzezinski, who helped topple economic barriers between the Soviet Union, China and the west as President Jimmy Read More