Beijing is playing its part in cracking down on the use of banned ozone-depleting CFC-11, says Zeng Rong

We noted your report (July 9) on Chinese enterprises’ “production and use” of CFC-11. The Chinese government’s position on ozone layer protection is consistent and clear. We attach great importance to and conscientiously implement relevant international environmental conventions. Production and use of ozone depleting substances (ODSs) that are not permissible in the Montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer is illegal and subject to legal action as soon as detected.

China’s policy is zero tolerance against illicit conduct involving ODSs, including CFC-11. In line with this policy, the competent government agency in China took the relevant media reports seriously, and launched a joint inspection with local authorities on 19 polyurethane foam producers and a business cluster. In 12 of the enterprises under investigation no sales or use of CFC‑11 has been found. In one enterprise where CFC-11 was detected in its composite polyether materials, the local authorities have taken enforcement measures according to the law; the remaining six are under further investigation.

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