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The respected Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford points out that net EU migration has now fallen 70% since the EU referendum.

Madeleine Sumption, Director of the Migration Observatory, says Britain simply isn’t as attractive to EU migrants than in 2016, for several reasons:

That may be because of Brexit-related political uncertainty, the falling value of the pound making UK wages less attractive, or simply the fact that job opportunities have improved in other EU countries.

EU net migration happened to be unusually high in the run-up to the referendum, so at least some of this decline would probably have happened anyway even without Brexit.”

ONS has had a bit of trouble with their non-EU students data in recent years for various technical reasons, which raises the question whether this upward spike in study is ‘real’. So it’s useful to see that visa data DO confirm the upward trend in non-EU study.


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The ONS also reports that more people are coming to the UK to study:

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