The government starts the last sitting week before the winter recess further behind in the polls, but still hopeful it can convince Pauline Hanson to support company tax cuts. All the days events, live

Darren Chester was on the ABC this morning (no one in the government appears to have a problem with the ABC when they are on it) talking about Labor’s latest campaign:

Well, that’s grubby politics and people see through the grubby personal attacks. The Prime Minister has made money in his life. He is a successful business person. It is grubby politics and it is beneath contempt and it is typical of the way that some people want to play politics in Australia today and I’m surprised the Labor Party has gone down to such low levels.”

It is appropriate that voters and people in the community generally understand what all politicians, whether the Prime Minister or humble backbenchers, have to gain or lose when we make decisions to vote on particular tax packages, I think, of course, we are in an election contest, this will be a hard-fought election but it would be ridiculous of Malcolm Turnbull to complain about the ads, given the degree he went off at Tanya Plibersek and her husband in the parliament last week.”


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Pauline Hanson has appeared alongside senator Derryn Hinch on Channel Seven’s Sunrise to discuss company tax – and both reveal they have been lobbied by Clive Palmerto vote for the Coalition’s package.

Both have a remarkably similar account – that Palmer said he has $450m in the bank and could take that money overseas, presumably because Australia would not be as competitive without a company tax cut.

Senators @PaulineHansonOZ and @HumanHeadline on corporate tax cuts and why they’re NOT supporting them! #auspol #sun7

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