Industry is out in force to convince the Coalition party room to back the national energy guarantee. Follow all the day’s events, live

Sky News is back on at Parliament House, just in time for us to see Christopher Pyne talk drones.

He also wades into the aspiration battles. Please let this end soon.

.@cpyne on Labor’s criticism of tax cuts: Every Australian wants to earn more money and move up the ranks…we’re like salmons swimming upstream, that’s what we do best. Labor politicians are hypocrites…they’re property tycoons.

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Lee Rhiannon, who will retire from the Senate in mid-August, gave a speech during the adjournment debate last night, where she defended the NSW Greens – and also took a shot at how the $1.6m Graeme Wood donation was used (spoiler – she would have rejected it, even if it was offered to the NSW Greens, which it wasn’t) and goes on to talk about the party’s declining vote.

From her speech: (Page 130 of the Senate Hansard)

In 2010, I was elected a Greens senator in New South Wales, with the party polling 10.69 per cent of the vote. This is the highest vote ever achieved by the Greens in New South Wales in a Senate election. The Green New South Wales Senate vote in that election, however, was lower than that for other state Greens parties across the country.

A significant reason for that lower Senate result was how the $1.6 million that Graeme Wood donated to the Australian Greens was used. This money was spent on advertising to assist the Greens election campaign in every state and territory except New South Wales. No money was offered to the Greens New South Wales. If any money had been offered to New South Wales, I doubt that we would have accepted it, as we oppose large political donations on the basis that they potentially buy influence and distort our democracy.

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