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The Lib Dems, who are campaigning for a second referendum, have criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit offer to the government. Tom Brake, the party’s Brexit spokesman, said:

Jeremy Corbyn has turned his back on the millions of Labour members and voters who demand a better future than Tory Brexit Britain. He has chosen to forget that Labour conference voted for the party to campaign for a people’s vote after failing to secure a general election.

After thirty years sitting on the backbenches arguing for more power for members and against the EU, Corbyn has finally chosen to go for the latter at the expense of the former.


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Matthew Pennycook, a shadow Brexit minister, says that if Theresa May does not accept Labour’s Brexit conditions (see 9.36am) “in full”, the party must move to backing a second referendum.

We’ve now set out in detail the changes needed to secure @UKLabour support for a deal. Either May accepts them in full and commits to enshrining them in law before exit day or we must move to support a public vote. No other credible options left to prevent a ‘no deal’ #Brexit.

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