Rolling coverage of the second day of the World Economic Forum, as Shinzo Abe, Angela Merkel and Wang Qishan all speak, and Prince William discusses mental health

Back in the sustainable development session, Lagarde also warns that it’s simply impossible poor countries to mobilise enough resources domestically to meet basic development goals for sectors such as health education roads and water.

To meet UN sustainable development goals by 2030 will mean investment worth 15% of GDP for low income countries.

“That’s monumental. No way can that be done by domestic resource mobilisation. Business has to be part of it.”


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Marco Lambertino, director general of WWF International says humans are becoming detached from nature and have a moral responsibility to reverse this trend.

I was born crazy about nature and wildlife. When I was 12 I joined WWF and I started raising funds to save the last 20 wolves in my country. Now in Italy there are 3,000 wolves, in my country. There are a lot of success stories and it’s all about co-existence and understanding that the web of life that is made of wolves and bees and so many other things, are the foundation of the functioning of the planet.

Only recently we became detached from nature, we are in cities and the majority of the population is beginning to create a barrier between us and nature. We should be sad about the loss of nature and we should be very worried.

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