The two major pieces were funding for physical barriers along the border – a wall, fencing, “steel slats” – and the number of detention beds for immigrants detained by enforcement officers within the US.

A bipartisan, bicameral group of negotiators have tentatively agreed to allot $1.375bn for border barriers and Democrats dropped their demand for a cap on the number of detention beds for interior enforcement. However, the overall number of detention would drop from 49,057 to 40,520.

The government funding deal has $1.375 billion for border barriers, per three congressional aides.

But here’s the catch: only “existing technologies” allowed for the wall — that means no concrete or Trump prototypes. Per one aide, Trump can only build what Obama built.


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Trump has made no decision yet on whether he will accept the bipartisan funding agreement, Reuters is reporting according to a White House official.

JUST IN: Trump has not made a decision whether to accept congressional deal on border security – White House official

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