Journalist who has worked with Football Leaks to expose wrongdoing doubts justice awaits for the website’s founder

“He’s more afraid about what will happen on the political stage because football is completely involved in the mechanisms of the Portuguese state,” says Rafael Buschmann. “When he first told me that I wasn’t sure but when I saw the link with Antonio Cluny, I was like: ‘Holy shit, this guy is right.’”

It has now been more than three weeks since Rui Pinto was extradited from Hungary to his native Portugal accused of attempted extortion and cyber criminality – charges that could result in a 10-year prison sentence if proven. The former student behind the Football Leaks website, which has already exposed numerous examples of corruption at the highest level of the sport, has since been remanded in custody as he awaits trial, despite protestations from his lawyers that Pinto should be allowed out on bail.

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